Dusti Huddleston

When I started looking for an internship abroad, I had no intentions of coming to South Africa. But after talking to the staff at VAC I became more convinced that this would be the right option for me. And I was right. Words can not describe how amazing my experience has been. Cape Town has provided everything I wanted out of an international experience: a big city with lots of culture, an amazing internship helping those in need, and great people. The last two months have been an adventure, never a dull moment. From riding the chaotic taxi buses to work everyday to weekend road trips on the Garden Route, my experience has been nothing short of amazing. But all these adventures would not have been as incredible if it weren’t for the amazing people I met along the way. So to the VAC staff that has supported me throughout my trip: thank you for this amazing opportunity that has helped me grow personally and professionally. And to all the amazing friends I have met: I will never forget all the memories we have made. Thank you for making my trip unforgettable; this is not good bye, it is see you later!

-Dusti Huddleston (pictured right)