Cat Steckbeck
Boston, Massachusetts USA

I initially chose Cape Town because of the rave reviews I had heard from my friends who had studied here. I knew I wanted to do my 6-month internship abroad, but I still wanted to practice Physical Therapy in a place that was English-speaking and challenging so I could really practice what I had been learning in school.

As for what I loved most about interning here, there is truly too much to say. I loved immersing myself in a local school with PT professionals from South Africa, because I feel like I got an accurate portrayal of what it is like to work abroad. I loved the kids I got to work with at the site, and while I didn’t learn quite as much as I’d hoped to from a PT standpoint, I certainly enjoyed my days working with the kids and I gained interpersonal skills and tactics for working with children that I will carry with me professionally. I created really strong relationships with my coworkers, and will never forget spending the mornings with them chatting and drinking coffee. I have the best memories working one-on-one with one patient with CP, whom I developed a positive relationship with. I truly believed the time we spent together benefitted her both physically and mentally, and that is a very rewarding realization for me to return home with.

Aside from my time specifically working at the school, I had the most amazing personal experience. I am leaving here with the absolute fondest memories, the most wonderful collection of new friends, and a rekindled love of travel. 6 months was the perfect amount of time to explore Cape Town in a leisurely manner while allowing me to bond with my roommates and create some very strong friendships.

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