Clancy Erickson

North Carolina, USA


Clancy recently completed her BA in Human Services Studies at Elon University. She joined the VACorps program in September 2022, and participate in an internship at an NGO that supports refugees in Cape Town.

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“I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for my time in Cape Town and VACorps. I chose to do this program because I graduated college and felt unsure of my career path and wanted to explore the world and expand my perspective. I can say without a doubt that this experience not only expanded my perspective but expanded me. Completing an internship abroad taught me so much about myself professionally. Being able to learn from another country’s work culture and environment was immensely beneficial to my professional growth. I went into the internship wanting to understand myself more professionally. This internship really helped me figure out my strengths and weaknesses because I was able to have clients. Being given the agency to have clients and do my own work gave me the experience of having a true work assignment and starting and completing it. In addition, being able to live with people from across the globe is an experience I will forever treasure. I am so glad that I chose VAcorps because they helped me find an internship that was exactly in-line with my professional aspirations and it connected me with friends across the globe that I will have for life! I cannot recommend this experience enough, do it!!”