Vanessa Macaulay
Sydney, Australia

There is so much to do in Cape Town, I don’t know where to start – just hit the ground running!  Take a leaf out of the Capetonian life book & get your priorities in order – play hard, laugh loud, enjoy nature, & work just enough!

In such a stunning & lively city it’s hard not to be affected by the beautiful & unique environment & the joy the people take in experiencing all that this magical part of the earth has to offer.  If you don’t nature, don’t go to Cape Town.  If you want wilderness & adventure on your doorstep, come visit! Meet some locals that are excited to show you the city & their country.  Meet as many people as possible.  Hear about their stories, their passions, their challenges, and their aspirations.  Take inspirations Cape Town is a melting pot of different backgrounds, colours, cultures, languages, ideas & spirits.  There is a place for everyone, so long as you keep your eyes & your mind open.

What a beautiful & awesome city to have as my base as I explore South Africa & beyond! Very grateful for this unforgettable experience!