Elias El Ayoubi
France, Europe

Giving me the opportunity to work in an investment bank in your country was a big challenge for me. I had to deal with the specific bank vocabulary and the barrier languages as much as I had to deal with the cultures differences. However, VAC made my trip way easier by accompanying me through every step of my incredible journey. For those who think that VAC is only giving you your internship and pick you to the airport, let me tell you, you can not be more wrong. You belong to VAC. They are here as a mother when you need help, they’re here as a father when you need them to defend your interest, and when everything goes well, they’re simply here to be your friend and make you discover their country and make you feel loved when far away from your house and family you are.

Thank you VAC, Love you Thomas,

Elias (Best Intern Ever)​