Megan Flanagan
Illinois, USA
Before coming to Cape Town I was nervous, afraid, and had no idea what I was getting myself into. After being in Cape Town for not even two days all of those feelings disappeared and I knew the rest of my time here was going to be unforgettable. In my quick two months here I have learned more about myself than I ever knew possible. My time at Woodside Special Care Center was an experience I will take with me forever. I went into Woodside thinking I would change the lives of all the kids there but after spending so much time and now leaving, I realized I did not change their lives, they changed mine. The staff and kids I worked with were the most fun and positive people I have ever met and it helped me realize how certain I am about my career path. Outside of my internship, I was able to make lifelong friends and endless memories. VAC has given me a life changing experience that will never be forgotten. From breaking a tree on the garden route, climbing lion’s head countless times, dinners at forex that turn into late nights, all the Friday activities, playing with elephants, bungee jumping, making bulldog faces and barking at people at Stones, bike riding through the city at moon light, and so much more. I am extremely sad to leave my new favorite city and my Cape Townfamily, but I know everything I learned here, all the memories I made, and all the people I met will stay with me forever.
– Megan Flanagan