Justine Jones
Florida, USA

“Making the decision to sign up with VAC meant deciding to change my life forever. Every day since returning from Cape Town, all I think about is my time there and how much I have learned and grown since the beginning of my internship at It’s A House. Not only was I able to gain hands-on experience in one of the cities most creative and innovative environments, I used skills I never knew I possessed until given the right opportunity.

“Working and living in South Africa was so much easier and stress-free knowing I could count on VAC. Their kind and helpful crew were ALWAYS there when I needed assistance, and the office is conveniently located close by the housing.  On my first day of work, I was a little overwhelmed at navigating the public transportation. I felt so much better when I found out there was going to be someone there to take me through a trial run into town. I even got lost on the second day and had to call the office for directions! They didn’t mind 🙂

“Every time I stepped out of my front door, I would look up at Lion’s Head and Table Mountain and be filled with awe at the beauty of the land. There are so many things to do in Cape Town that it can be difficult to know where to start! VAC understands this dilemma and that’s why they offer classes, trips, and activities, allowing you to get the most out your stay. Through attending these activities and informal meet-ups, you inevitably end up making the best friends you could ask for. All the interns formed an impenetrable bond instantly, and I still consider them all close to my heart.

“The main reason I wanted to travel to Cape Town is because, as a Communications major, I felt it would be a learning experience. And I was right! Interacting with the several cultures of South Africa has taught me more about life, people, culture, and myself than I ever learned in college.  Especially by collaborating with others in a professional environment, I was able to gain insight into different ways people think, act, and feel on a regular basis.  This made every day exciting for me, and in a city as beautiful as Cape Town, the adventure is always just around the corner.”