Joey Sharp
Georgia, USA

“I remember reading program reflections during the four months leading up to my arrival in Cape Town in anticipation of the experience to come.  What was this “Obs” place really like?  Table Mountain can’t possibly be as pretty as it is in the pictures, right?  Would the time at my internship really benefit me in my life aspirations?  What were the VAC employees I had exchanged countless emails with actually like?  I was searching for answers but never once did I actually think about finishing my time in Cape Town and writing a program reflection myself.

“Now that my 12 weeks in Cape Town are over and I am forced to accept the fact that I am about to board a plane away from Africa, I have remembered those questions that I asked.  I have also found a few answers.  “Obs” is a diverse neighborhood full of an international group of residents and travellers in the perfect location in the most incredible city in the world.  Table Mountain wraps that city in an eternal hug that everyone leaving the city wishes they could join in on.  The only thing better than the view of Table Mountain is the experience climbing the behemoth before the sun comes up on a Saturday morning with six friends that you feel like you have grown up with, even though you all just met three weeks ago.  My internship not only provided life-changing experience that I will draw on for the rest of my life but it enabled me to actually contribute to the local community; a community that continues to blow me away at its amazing joy in the face of countless obstacles.  The VAC employees proved to be not only informed, driven professionals but also some of my best friends throughout the three months I spent in Southern Africa.

“I cannot believe that my time in Cape Town has come to an end.  It was by far the most fun, rewarding, and life-changing three months of my life.  I would recommend the VAC experience to anyone with an open-mind looking for an experience that will allow him or her to grow personally, thrive and contribute to the world.  Pure joy is hard to come by but I know I found it a few times in Southern Africa.”

-Joey Sharp, pictured at the summit of Table Mountain at sunrise.