Megan Davitt

Megan participated in a medical internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2016.

“Cape Town has stolen my heart. The three months I spent here were not nearly enough. However, looking back, I cannot believe how many amazing experiences I had during these short couple of months. My weekends were filled with stunning hikes, breathtaking beaches, a music festival with singing and dancing, yummy farmers markets, a beer festival, outdoor movies at the enchanting Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, movie nights with chocolate cake and ice cream, wine tasting, and going on the most life changing road trip I could have imagined.

“A few housemates and I ventured out on a trip called Garden Route that follows the southern coast of the country. Our adventures included riding ostriches, exploring caves, canyoning and cliff jumping, kayaking through the gorgeous Tsitsikamma National Park, and bungee jumping off of a 216m bridge. I became so much closer with my housemates during these couple of days and am glad I was able to share these insane adventures with them.

“The crazy thing is, my days were just as fulfilling. I was fortunate enough to work at a community health clinic in the largest township, Khayelitsha. I spent most of my days in the Emergency Center and because of the relationships I developed with the doctors they taught me how to suture and dress wounds, insert IV lines, administer injections, perform an ECG, understand and analyze X-rays, and put on and remove plaster casts. The doctors gained so much trust and confidence in me and the other VACorps intern working with me that they would let us perform these tasks by ourselves, and simply consult with the patient once we were finished.

“Some of my days were also spent in the Maternity Ward helping with “Baby Clinic” checkups for newborns and assisting with measuring their weight and sugar levels. I even saw multiple deliveries! It was unique to work in a free, government-funded clinic and to learn how to treat patients with the limited resources available. I am so incredibly thankful for the hands-on experience I was able to get from working at Site B, and I am even more thankful for VACorps finding me a placement that was so perfectly fitted to my interests and goals.”

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