Mia Haughton
Amherst, Massachusetts USA

Mia was a marketing intern in Cape Town with VACorps in 2016.

“When you tell people you’re going to live in Cape Town for four months there are certain reactions you get that will start to build your expectations: “I’ve heard it’s the most beautiful country in the world!” “My daughter studied abroad there and absolutely loved it!” “What an incredible experience, you’re never going to want to leave!” However, nothing you hear or read about Cape Town will ever live up to the actual experience of working there as a VAC intern—because mark my words, it will be the best experience of your life.

“While interning through VAC, I lived at 197 Lower Main Road, a 17-bedroom house in the hub of Observatory. Within the four-month span that I stayed at 197, I lived with 28 different people—17 from the US, 3 from the UK, 2 from South Africa, 2 from the Netherlands, 1 from Ireland, 1 from Sweden, 1 from Zimbabwe and 1 from Kenya. This worldly living arrangement was by far the most eye-opening experience I’ve had in my life. I learned more about different nationalities, cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds living in this house than I ever could have sitting in a classroom, and I am so thankful to VAC for giving me the opportunity to experience it.

“As a recent college graduate, I decided to apply to VAC to gain hands-on experience in the field of advertising. Throughout the application process, VAC representatives were extremely helpful and accommodating to my evolving interests, and they ultimately helped me land an internship at MullenLowe, an award-winning and globally recognized advertising agency. Interning at MullenLowe was challenging, rewarding, fun and highly informative. I learned more about advertising in four months than I ever thought I would and I am confident that my internship aptly prepared me to begin my career in advertising full-time. There are a million other things I could gush about my experience in Cape Town—the lifelong friendships I made, the fears I conquered including bungee jumping and skydiving, the incredible week-long excursion I took through Namibia—but the truth is, it doesn’t matter what I say because Cape Town is a place you have to experience for yourself. Apply to VAC, you won’t regret it!”



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