Brittany Nathan
New York, USA

Brittany participated in an education internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2016.

“I researched VACorps for several months before even applying. I was so nervous about the whole idea of going away to another country alone. I also didn’t know whether the program was legit. But, after speaking to a member of VACorps over Skype; I felt way more comfortable. I was nervous the whole flight here. But when I stepped off the plane and saw my driver waiting for me with a VAC sign; a sense of relief just took me over.

“My most memorable moment was definitely hiking. I was able to hike Wolfberg Cracks in Cederberg, Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Devils Peak. Going to Cederberg with VAC was amazing. It was such a wonderful experience. I was able to have my first camping experience and hiking experience there. The hike was strenuous but, with the help of many of the other interns, I was able to get through it. It was a true bonding experience. I am absolutely in love with nature. Coming from NYC, I don’t see these things every day so I definitely wanted to take advantage. It was a feeling of great accomplishment.

“I was set up at a really great internship site, in a township. In the school, I was exposed to so much of the culture. Driving through the townships, I was able to see so much. Not only the glam of Cape Town. It put things into perspective. I couldn’t imagine coming to South Africa and not seeing a Township.

“I love the Friday VACtivities. You get exposed to things that you may not have normally thought about visiting. You get to do these things with the other interns; which creates a bonding experience. My favorite VACtivity was definitely Thanksgiving. Since I was unable to go back home for it, it was nice having something similar. It felt good to know that VAC was there in case I needed anything. They were like my security blanket. They would also check in on me, to see how I was doing. They would answer any questions I had. It made me feel less alone, even though I was away from friends and family. Within South Africa, a lot of my greatest memories are with roommates or at my internship or with locals I met. It was just exploring Cape Town and spending every day getting to know it a little better. I am glad my first time here, I was under VAC. I will definitely be back. Cape Town is gorgeous!



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