Nick Schmidt
Maryland, USA

“My experience in Cape Town is one that simply cannot be described in words. However, I will give it my best attempt.

“There is no way I could have expected how much of an impact this trip had on me. The internship I was placed with was the SACLA health project in Khayletisha. We were in charge of delivering medicine to all those unable to do so themselves and providing home based care to patients with chronic illness. We walked throughout the whole of the township and were able to have a direct impact, not only in peoples everyday lives, but also within the community. I can’t thank the staff enough for their friendliness and willingness to show me the sad truths of the health system. The experience solidified my chosen career path and I can’t wait to get back.

“Business aside, my time outside the internship was also amazing. The friends I made will forever be in my heart and experiencing the city with them is something that will never be forgotten. Cape Town has something for everyone and if you think you can do it all in a few months, you’d be wrong. My recommendation to you would be to leave yourself some time at end of your trip because you’ll want to extend your stay. Many thanks to the VAC team for making this the trip of a lifetime. Apologies, for the tardiness of my testimonial – I’m still running on Africa time.”

-Nick Schmidt, pictured at far right, during an excursion to the Cape Town wine country