Stevie Kim-Rubell

New York, USA


Stevie joined the VACorps Program from February – May 2024 as part of her GAP year.  She participated in a Media internship as a local radio station.

After doing a structured group travel program for the first part of my gap year, I knew I wanted more independence in the spring. I wanted to do an internship and get some work experience, but I also didn’t want to be working alone in a new city. VACorps was totally perfect for that. I got to be independent going to my internship, while also having a built in social group with the other interns I was living with as well as the support of the VACorps staff when I needed them. 

Cape Town itself is a city with endless things to do. I loved getting to spend time in nature, having access to the beach, and eating incredible food all the time. I was here for three months and I feel like it was the perfect amount of time to get into a routine in Cape Town, have a deep engagement with my internship, and also explore everything the city has to offer.

I did my internship at a local Radio Station, and everyone there was extremely willing to teach and make time for me. I loved being a radio presenter, learning about sound engineering, and getting to interview a wide range of awesome guests! I will definitely miss everyone at my job who were so welcoming and patient with me. I’ll also miss all my favorite cafes and restaurants in Observatory. But I think most of all, I’ll miss my fellow interns I got to live with for the past three months. Getting to go through this experience with them was the best part, and I have made some friendship that I hope will last a lifetime.