Nicholas Sorensen
Georgia, USA

“I choose Cape Town as the site for my internship because it was highly recommended to me by many friends and family members as one of the most unique and exciting places to travel and to experience. Additionally, the socioeconomic and historical background of this city and country as a whole makes it a completely unique experience for me and added greatly to my personal and professional development. I feel that I learned so much just from experiencing and meeting the people here. As a whole, the internship that I was placed in helped me to grow personally by showing me how to better relate to people who are very different than me and forced me to come outside of my comfort zone. My internship also helped me develop professionally by exposure to different problems within healthcare and showing me how medicine spans far beyond the hospital and extends into the towns and cultures that compose a country. My favourite part of my internship were the friendships I made and experiences I had with them. Overall, this was an incredible experience that has helped me to gain perspective on so many different areas of life.”

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