Tyler Kersanac

Florida, USA

Tyler joined the VACorps PRogram in May 2022 and participated in an engineering internship. He is studying a Bachelor or Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Florida.

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“I chose Cape Town and VACorps very randomly when looking for a place to do my summer internship. The past three months in Cape Town have been nothing short of excellent. I went in with an open mind, as the internship was a little out of my field of work. I learned a great deal through my time as an intern, the first being coding. I was very new to coding but through some self-taught and help from the company, I was able to be a lot more confident in my skills. Also, I was able to work closely with the owner of the company, which allowed me to see how an Entrepreneur mindset works day to day. The culture and natural beauty of Cape Town and surrounding areas are absolutely astonishing. This city is one of the greatest scenes for outdoor activities as you have the ocean and the mountains all around you, which makes for great surfing as well.”