Talia Tzarfati

Oregon, USA


Talia is studying Zoology at Oregon State University. She joined the VACorps program from September – November of 2023 and participated in a conservation internship.

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“This experience was priceless. I was able to learn so much from the people around me about myself, Cape Town, and South Africa as a whole. The VACorps staff were extremely friendly and helpful, and the other interns became my family while I enjoyed my time here. My internship was fun and educational and gave me a first glimpse into my possible future career pathways in environmental conservation. It was not at all what I expected but it was easy to enjoy and it was clearly impactful work. When I had questions about Cape Town, Kus and Kholi were always there to answer and guide me in my explorations of this beautiful place. There is so much to do around Cape Town and Obs is a welcoming place. Cape Town will forever be an experience that has shaped me and will remain in my heart. I have built confidence, new perspectives, new appreciation for this place, and so much joy in my last 3 months in South Africa.”