Rose Caplan
Boston, Massachusetts USA

Rose participated in a conservation internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2016.

“My conservation internship with the City of Cape Town was a great learning opportunity for me. Being thrown into a fairly large and top notch conservation organisation was a bit nerve-wrecking, but being involved in all the projects and being introduced to so many people made me more confident in my skills and knowledge. It was a great opportunity to explore a more multi-disciplinary field of conservation, from the more practical and hands on skills to the behind the scenes operations involved with management. This city is truly a model when it comes to conservation and learning about their projects and policies will be very useful for me to take back home and integrate into future jobs.

“Living here in Cape Town and getting the chance to experience the city and the people has been probably the most valuable journey of my life. The feel of the city and the people I’ve met here will stay with me forever. I have had the incredibly unique opportunity to live in a bustling metropolis while being able to work in truly pristine wild places and see nature reserves and national parks that many interns don’t get the opportunity to explore. I’ll really miss this place, where the things I love and value come to life in one of the most beautiful places on earth. This experience has made me a more driven, wise, kind and open person and I would do it all again!”

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