Zoe Retter

Bochum, Germany


Zoe joined the VACorps program in November 2022 and participated in an internship at a tech accelerator which assists and accelerates disruptive startups in Africa. 

I have been in Cape Town for almost 5 months now and looking back on the time I can say that it was a priceless experience that I will cherish my whole life. I was able to meet amazing people from all over the world, with whom I will be sure to stay in touch. For my personal life, this whole time was an incredible opportunity to grow, expand my horizons, and immerse myself in different cultures. My personal highlights were the wine tasting in Stellenbosch and honestly just the life with my great friends at 317 Lower Main. I was so thankful for the VACorps staff who were always there when I needed them and seeing Kus’ and Kholi’s beautiful smiles and their great moods whenever we did an activity always made my day.

For my professional life, it was extremely beneficial as well. I was an intern at a tech accelerator, which assists and accelerates disruptive startups in Africa. I was able to learn more and more every single week and was quickly accepted as a real team member by my amazing co-workers. It was definitely a time-consuming internship but personally for me it was exactly right. I felt that I could actually help and assist the team and in the second half of my internship, I got my own projects and was trusted to work independently. I would definitely advise everyone who is interested in working with startups or the world of VC to apply to VACorps. I am certain that everything I learned in my internship will prove invaluable for my future as I continue to pursue my professional goals.

In general, I can say that it was the best decision to come to Cape Town, for everyone thinking about it I would suggest coming around October/November to skip the winter if you are from the northern hemisphere.