Rachael Terry
Michigan, USA

“These past two months have truly been the most life changing and incredible months of my life. My internship was amazing. I got the chance to connect with these children and bring something that I love into their life through cooking. I also did some work out/ dance classes with the kids and then put on a kickboxing class for the staff. The teachers and staff were so wonderful to me and I truly had an experience that will dictate my future career plans. That was my biggest goal for this trip and so the fact that I have more clarity with that is great. The people in VAC were some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I feel so lucky to have gotten to know these people in the most wonderful city. Everyone was always so willing to do things and to experience life to the fullest and that was just the best environment to be in. I love that I got to hike, go to amazing wine festivals, eat the most wonderful food, and truly embrace the history and the culture of this city. I’ve never been more sure about coming back to a country and I know that I will be back here. Thank you for providing me with the most amazing summer of my life. I will forever be changed by this experience.”

-Rachel Terry, pictured at right, during a VAC Friday excursion to Muizenberg Beach.