Ashley Davison
Oregon, USA

“Cape Town has given me the most trans-formative experience of my young life. I have but one complaint about my time here, and that is my departure. This incredible city presented every sort of opportunity. It truly is the city of contrast. During my stay, I was able to split my time between incredible terrain and a flourishing city. I could spend a day diving under the sea, or climbing up a mountain. I witnessed extreme poverty, but also radical development. I could play, but I could work, and Cape Town is best summed up by that very mantra: Work hard, Play hard!

“I would recommend Volunteer Adventure Corps to all who are curious about this unique program. Through VAC I was able to feel safe in my first out-of-country experience, yet maintain the freedom necessary to adventure. They helped me find my perfect internship which allowed me to participate in work that I felt passionate about and meet a community of people that I instantly connected with. Lastly, to all incoming explorers: prepare to fall in love with this program and this place! Cheers!”

Ashley Davidson, pictured second-from-left, during an afternoon at Mzoli’s in Nyanga.