Brad Byrd
California, USA

As I look back on my time in Cape Town, it was just as I expected, but at the same time unexpected. I expected many things about my internship, the culture, and my experiences. I worked at Consol, a glassware manufacturing company. As boring as it may sound to some people, it was perfect for me. I am interested in going into manufacturing engineering, but not interested in sitting at a desk all day. My internship was very hands on. For the first few weeks, I had to get to know the place where I was working. Unfortunately, the way I had to do this was through manual labor. I didn’t care though, I was in South Africa and I was having a great time. Once I had settled into my job, they gave me my own projects in design, fabrication, and project management. Through these opportunities I was able to experience what I would be working with in the future. I got to experience the culture in many different ways. Through interacting with the people I worked with I learned more about the culture than anyone can read about in a book. It felt like every time I did something in Cape Town I learned something new about the culture. The activities were amazing. There was something for everyone, from hiking to petting cheetahs to wine tasting; I was always excited to find out what we were doing each Friday. The staff at VAC were so helpful and they were always available. I made great friendships with the other interns and there was never a dull moment in Observatory. The long Thursday nights at Forex, movie nights at the Lower Main house, and Mr. Lin’s R38 daily specials were just some of the small things that turned a trip into an adventure. I enjoyed my experience in Cape Town, I will miss it there so much.