Brielle Reynolds
New Jersey, USA

Being able to work and live in Observatory has forever changed my life, and it will never be forgotten.  While living in Observatory, there was always something new to see or do.  There was always a new restaurant or café to go to.  The vibe that you experience because of how it is set up and the people who live in the town is very unique.  I loved being able to work in Observatory.  I was able to compare and contrast the United States schools versus South African schools in terms of teaching techniques, curriculum, and assessments.  At least in Observatory, their were a lot of behavior management problems that could have easily been solved, but are lacking.  It was interesting to see and to learn about the assessments that the children have to take.  I think it is great that South Africa requires children to learn English along with two other African languages.  I was thrilled that not only was I able to create lessons for the children, but I was also able to teach them to some groups of children.  I was also given the opportunity to work with the more struggling children in some of the grades and help them with their English.  Working at this schools has really made me consider coming back to Cape Town after I graduate and work here permanently.

Not only was living in working in Observatory amazing, but just being in one of the most beautiful cities was amazing.  Not many people get to experience a place like this, and I am very grateful for have been give the opportunity.  Thank you VAC for everything.