Ellie Reeves
Greensboro, North Carolina USA

Ellie participated in an Occupational Therapy internship in Cape Town with VACorps in 2017.

“My experience in Cape Town would not have been the same without VACorps and I am so appreciative I had help and guidance every step of the way.  What VACorps does for its interns is truly special.  As interns, we land in this foreign city not knowing what to expect and we’re nervous.  Some interns have never had an ocean between them and their family which can be a  frightening realization.  It is the VACorps team that takes this nervousness and changes it to excitement.  VACorps makes this foreign city truly feel like home, a place where you can conquer your goals and accomplish your dreams.  For that, I can not thank you all enough.  My experiences with VACorps are ones I know I’ll cherish always.

“I loved almost everything about my internship. Each day was an opportunity to see and learn something new. I very much enjoyed when the OT and I would leave Site B and go to other clinics or do home visits. I also really appreciated the diversity amongst patients and it was refreshing to me to work with so many age groups. It was all around an eye opening experience and I wouldn’t trade a second of it.”

Ellie Reeves OT internship in Cape Town

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