Hailey Plumb
Nevada, USA

My time here in Cape Town has been an experience that has given me an invaluable perspective on life and my future goals. I have gained both cultural and professional knowledge that I am incredibly grateful for. I worked at two great internship sites, EROS, a school for cerebral palsy and learning disabilities, and Care Haven, a shelter for abused women and their children. Both sites gave me a range of challenges and opportunities to make the best of my time here. At Care Haven I was given the opportunity to lead group counseling sessions by myself. This gave me a chance to connect with the abused women and truly feel that I was making a difference in their lives. I can not describe how much it meant to me to be able to use my knowledge and really help people who need it. The VACorps staff challenged me to experience Cape Town for everything it is. They were always available for anything I would need, but never babied me through the process. This truly helped me to grow and learn in a way that is unique to this program. They also were wonderful placing me in my internships and were always available to talk and assist me with any problems I was having. I will always remember my time in Cape Town with great memories. I am forever grateful for the amazing people I have met and became close friends with here. There will never be enough time or the right words to explain how much this experience has meant to me, and how much it has shaped me and my future endeavors.

-Hailey Plumb (pictured right)