Katie Burgess
Greystones, Ireland

Katie joined the VACorps Program in May 2019 and participated in a Business Development Internship.

“I chose to intern abroad as I wanted to further my education/ gain work experience in the travel industry. I’d been convinced by South African friends that Cape Town would be the perfect place for me and my love of adventure! My favorite thing about interning abroad was the opportunity to try something new in a stress-free environment – I could join a professional team, learn about the industry and contribute my knowledge too. I learned a lot about myself, my personal motivations and also my strengths and weaknesses – these are things I can definitely take into consideration when deciding my future career path.

I really enjoyed living in Cape Town. There is no shortage of things to do and places to see. Virtually everything is on our doorstep and very affordable too! I stayed for just over three months, giving me the perfect opportunity to learn about the place, the mix of cultures and to see how locals go about their daily lives. I’d advise people to come here for at least two months in order to experience Cape Town properly. There are so many galleries, museums, foods to try, markets to visit and hikes as well as many other outdoor pursuits!

For future interns, I’d advise them to come with an open mind and a desire to do all that they can in their time here, Your experience is what you make it! I enjoyed the weekly activities. It was nice to meet other interns and every week I’d meet new people from different parts of the world.”

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