Kim Rowell
Illinois / Johannesburg, USA

As I sit here trying to sum up my incredible experience in Cape Town, South Africa, I am at a loss for words. When I first arrived in Cape Town I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. Being a native South African and moving to America at the age of seven, I thought I had it all figured out, but I was completely wrong. There was no way that I could have even imagined the opportunities I would be presented with, the irreplaceable relationships I would form, and the adventures I would embark on. From the first few days finding our way around Observatory and Cape Town, to shark cage diving, wine tasting, hiking Lion’s Head and finding my passion in teaching at my internship at Living through Learning, I can say with confidence that my time in Cape Town has changed my life. I owe so much of this experience to VAC, who placed me at an unforgettable internship site where I was able to work with incredible people every day, find my passion, and grow as a person. For those of you who are considering coming to Cape Town through VAC, don’t think twice and take the jump. No life experience will be able to compare to what you will embrace and learn here in Cape Town, South Africa. The relationships you will form, the lessons you will learn, and the experiences will be irreplaceable. So do the thing that scares you the most, travel to an unknown country to intern at a place where you will find your niche, step out of your comfort zone, break your routine, and embark on the greatest experience of your life, you will not regret it. Thank you VAC for helping to create the most influential and incredible two months of my life.