Nathan Shuftan
Illinois, USA

“My VAC experience was nothing short of phenomenal. I had never spent more than a week visiting another country before my arrival in Cape Town, but from the airport pickup to the first Friday VACtivity (Newlands Brewery) to my first Trenchtown pizza, I knew I picked a great place and a great program. VACs support system really empowers you to maket the absolute most of your limited time in Cape Town, and both the VAC staff and the other interns were great people to meet and share an unforgettable experience with. Hanging out around Obs, sunrise/sunset/full moon hikes up Table Mountain, and exploring all that SA and CPT have to offer really makes 3 months whip by.

“My internship as a research intern in the Parliament of South Africa was incredibly rewarding, and VAC was great with facilitating the internship placement. I was able to learn a lot about South African government, politics, and policy and left Cape Town with great work experience that has enabled me to continue to travel and work. Cheers to VAC for a great program and great experience. The friends and memories I have from Cape Town wont soon be forgotten, and I look forward to one day returning to The Mother City.”