Hillary Johns
Louisiana, USA

It would be difficult to describe my time in Cape Town in just a few words, but I will try my best. From the people I have met to the surprising adventures to a fantastic internship site, VAC has provided me with a life changing experience. VAC provided the perfect amount of independence and cushion to help make this experience.  The staff encouraged me to make my own adventures in Cape Town, but of course providing the Friday “VACtivities” to get to know the other interns.  For me, it has been amazing to get to connect with young people around the world and share these new experiences with people that have a similar passion to travel. Even more importantly, the internship site I was provided (Tembaletu Disabled School) was a perfect match.  The ladies I worked with and the amazingly goofy children helped to fuel my passion for Occupational Therapy in the future. To everyone who has helped make this experience so amazing—thank you. You allowed me to grow spiritually and gain a different understanding of the world.  

“Adventure is the core of a (wo)man’s spirit– it is through adventure that we can succeed in finding ourselves–in knowing ourselves.”