Nick Newman
Ohio, USA

Nick is studying Business Economics and Finance at Ohio University. He joined the VACorps program in May 2022 and participated in a finance internship at a financial advisory firm.  

“I chose Cape Town after browsing online for internship abroad programs. In my sophomore year of college, I decided, after networking with alumni from Ohio University, that going abroad was the right decision for me. I found VACorps along with CIS Abroad and a few other renowned programs. I knew VAC was right for me once I started the application process and began talking with the welcoming staff. Once I arrived I knew I made the right decision. It immediately felt like a second home and everyone I met, from staff, fellow employees, and locals were extremely nice.

I worked for 7 weeks at a financial advisory and investment firm. I was able to receive instruction and the ability to work on projects in real estate and finance equally. I spent roughly 100 hours for each, by choice, to ensure that I would feel comfortable in a professional business setting by the time I left. My favorite project was a financial model that I am currently wrapping up now before I leave.

I have learned so much about myself and the experience has come with a lot of growth, especially as this is my first time traveling alone – and abroad. Now that my 8-week trip is coming to a close, I can begin to reflect on everything I will miss. Most of all, the people are going to be the hardest to leave and it’s bittersweet meeting so many new friends but only being able to see them for such a short time. For anyone that plans on coming to Cape Town through VAC, I recommend communicating with everyone in your program from day one. It is the most important step to take and it can’t be anything but beneficial for you and your site, so don’t be afraid to reach out frequently and make sure you’re all on the same page. The weekly activities are amazing and they really allow you to make the most of your experience without having to schedule events yourself. From playing the drums to seeing museums, you will get exposed to culture in every form! Don’t be afraid to try out Xhosa or Afrikaans, it will strengthen your connection with people and show them that you respect and are interested in their culture! I am most grateful for the Friday experiences and I believe they took my experience one step further and made everything more memorable.”

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