Paige Daniels
Johnstown, Pennsylvania USA

“My internship experience helped me grow personally by giving me more patience and teaching me to recognize when to step up and take initiative. There were many times where I had to speak up to express my opinions or ask questions. I believe this experience has made me more confident in a foreign place. Professionally, I learned how to interact with doctors and I learned a good deal about the medical field in developing countries. I will never forget my sweet friends Sithole, Tameeka, and Sadeekah. They helped guide me and loved me like I was one of them. I loved how there were new things to do at every moment. It is impossible to be bored here.

Cape Town seemed to have a little bit of everything. It had the impoverished areas I was seeking to work in and it had the exposure to thriving city life. I loved the people and nature the best. The people I met in Cape Town will be lifelong friends, and if we don’t talk often, they will nevertheless leave a huge mark on my heart. The views here are probably the most beautiful in the world. I can’t believe I had the privilege of waking up and seeing Table Mountain every morning. Then, being able to hike up Chapman’s Peak to see the gorgeous ocean views below. This place is beautiful.

Cape Town became home to me during my 6-week stay. I had a routine here and a favourite place to eat. Most importantly, I made friends who made me laugh and feel loved. Doing an abroad internship program in South Africa is a great way to get you out of your comfort zone and into the career world, however, each internship program is what you make of it. The VACorps program was great and I would definitely recommend it to others.”Paige Daniels- Medical Internship

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