Allison Angelidis
California, USA

“I decided Cape Town was the best place for my internship because of my passion for human rights work and my interest in South Africa’s history. I completed a human rights internship working specifically with policing in Khayelitsha, an informal settlement near the city, to implement the progressive yet neglected constitution that stands not as a guiding principle, but as a seemingly unachievable ideal. This internship allowed me the opportunity to provide the people of Khayelitsha with information that could make a substantial impact in their lives by extending their knowledge of the rights entitled to them in their constitution and their ability to uphold these rights when they are infringed upon.

“Further, by participating in the VACorps program, I met many amazing people who I intend on keeping in touch with forever. VACorps provides it’s participants with a community of other interns and bonding opportunities through an orientation and weekly activities. I am so thankful to have lived in Cape Town, a city built along the beautiful African coast and around incredible mountain peaks. The hikes are amazing (especially at sunset) and the Garden Route, which is a weekend getaway, was one of the best experiences of my life! I would highly highly recommend an internship here in Cape Town with VACorps.”

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